06/12/15 - PIC RODDY SCOTT David Galt who plays for Queens Park FC but works for Patrick Thistle helping with disabled children. David with Steven Keenan (l) and Kevin Kelly (r)

My name is Steve Keenan and along with my wife Nadine we set up the first Frame Football sessions in Scotland. We decided to try and get these sessions going as our son has cerebral palsy, uses a Kaye walker to help him walk and he loves football. The SFA provided fantastic support and helped us to find a club to take on and help promote and develop Frame Football here in Scotland. We were delighted to be put in contact with Partick Thistle and their community trust programme, and through all their hard work and support we have developed a Frame Football club in Glasgow which is available to any  child using a walker.

Our aim is to help set up more clubs so that children in other areas can join in. It’s not just about football. We want the boys and girls to experience being part of an actual club, enjoying the social aspect and everything that comes with it.

If you are based outside Glasgow and interested in setting up a club please contact us. If you want to register your child for Frame Football and you don’t live in Glasgow please contact us and we’ll help to get your child playing Frame Football.


Frame football is for boys and girls to enjoy but at the same time the will be getting good exercise that will only be beneficial.

We are also interested to here from anyone who has ideas or suggestions to help promote or develop the sport.

If your child doesn’t use a frame he or she is unfortunately unsuited to this sport. However if your child loves football and wants to play there are many opportunities available through the SFA. You can read about them at www.sfa.co.uk