Frame Football is a version of football specifically designed for players who require the use of a walker style frame to aid movement. Frame Football is played using a minimum number of adaptations to the Football Associations Laws of the Game for association football.


The Field of Play

The Basic size of the pitch and goals are as per FA Rules for 5 a-side games.


If the game is to be played by walking speed players or the very young (less than 7 years of age) then all pitch dimensions should be halved. If sitting Goalkeepers are used (A goalkeeper not in thier frame) then the penalty area size should once agian be halved, even on a basic size pitch.

The Surface

The surface of the field must be hard, smooth and level for easy manoeuvrability of the frame user! Indoor Futsal courts are preferred however 3G surfaces and others can be used as long as the surface is suitable.


The Ball

Currently the Frame Football Association recomends a standard size 3 ball for all games. However further trials with Futsal balls and other sizes will be needed especially as new specific Football Frames are developed.


The Players

3v3, 4v4 or 5v5 games are all available formats of Frame Football due to the small number of participants and their relative abilities.

Competitive games should be played by players adhering to the 4 year age banding as recommended by the FA. Teams can be formed at any 4 year age banding though to enable competition between teams.

3v3 and 4v4 games do not have goalkeepers. 5v5 games have goalkeepers who can either be in frames or sitting, see Law 1, Field of Play. Both goalkeepers should be the same i.e. both sitting.


The Playing Equipment

The Frame

Any walker style frame can be used to play frame football, however special football frames are currently being developed by FFA partner Quest 88 and these will be recommended for competitive matches and training.

Note: The Frame is considered an extension of the player’s legs and can be used to control the ball.

The Player

The player should wear suitable kit as per Football Association rules. This includes shin-pads, appropriate trainers, or boots and a full kit. Players are allowed to wear tracksuits if required.



Tackling to gain the ball is allowed by both the frame and legs.  However tackling can only take place between two opposing players. If a second opposing player from either team becomes involved then a free kick will be awarded to the opposition.


Duration of the Match

The Basic competitive game should be 14 minutes long and consist of two equal 7 minute halves with a 5 minute break. For the less able and younger players this should be reduced to 10 minutes with 5 minutes for each half, the break should remain 5 minutes.

Law 7

Start and Restart

The game starts and is restarted as per the normal rules of association football. At goal kicks the opposing team must retreat back behind the half way line.


The throw in can be taken using either one or two hands but must adhere to the FA rules in all other ways.

Law 8

Goal Area

For sizes see Law 1, field of play. When a Goalkeeper is playing there are two options they should both either be in their frames or they should both be sitting, kneeling, lying on the floor. If the Goalkeepers are lying on the floor then the goal area should be made smaller and no players apart from the goalkeeper are allowed in the area. If the goalkeepers are in there frames then one attacker and one defender only are allowed into the area. Any extra defenders and a penalty is awarded. Any extra Attackers and a free kick is awarded to the defending team.